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Old Solid Sandstone Parvati. Gauri. Bust. Head. India

    Parvati is a Hindu goddess of fertility, love, beauty, marriage, children and devotion. Add to that: divine strength and power . . . which seems to sum up what is positive in the world today.   The main thing to know is that Parvati is the wife of Shiva (supreme protector, evil destroyer […]

Mid-1900 Suku Horned Helmet Mask. Yaka Influence. DRC. Congo. Africa

  One of the most complex and intriguing Suku mask that I have every seen!   The Suku (aka Basuku) are people from SW Congo and Northwest Angola. They speak a derivation of the Bantu language of the Niger-Congo group of languages. Suku women cultivate a root vegetable called cassava and the men hunt. The […]

Unique Rencong Knife. Weapon of Nobility. Aceh. Northern Sumatra. Indonesia.

    Aceh is a semi-autonomous Indonesian province on the northeast tip of the island of Sumatra. The ethnic group there – the Acehnese – use the Rencong to fight off invaders during the frequent conflicts especially in the mountainous wilderness areas.   Engagement techniques vary depending on the length of the knife . . […]

Bronze and Copper Hanging Monastery Incense Burner. Censer. Hand Crafted. Master Temple Quality. Sherpa Monastery. Sherka. Rare. Tibet. Northeast Nepal.

  I have located yet another of these rare burners / censers – although a bit smaller – but just as fascinating!   Around the turn of the 19th Century and into the 20th Century, little is known or recorded about the monasteries that were built by the Sherpas in Solu-Khumbu. The following overview provides […]

Rare Bamun Brass Sheathing Mask. Bamileke People. Cameroon. Africa

    Sharing stylistic traits with the Bamileke, Tikar and other Western Grassland Cameroon tribes, this particular mask illustrates the complexity of the transfer of styles… through migration and various artists’ interpretations… even as far back as the migrations of the 17th Century.   That is what makes this mask so unique and rare. It […]

Chiang Rung – styled Buddha Statue. 17/18th Century. Shan. Bronze. Northern Thailand. Laos.

    Typical of Northern Thai Buddhas, this stunning statue lacks many of the ornate designs seen in many Buddha statues as seen earlier and more recently. Simplicity is better because it allows followers to concentrate more on the spirituality aspect.   Acquired 30 years ago in The golden triangle(Sam Liam Thong Kham), in the […]

Dan Poro Ceremonial Mask. Wood. Spiritual realm. Secret Society. Wood. Liberia. Africa

The Dan people – an ethnolinguistic grouping – has presence in the mountainous areas of Côte d’Ivoire and adjacent areas of Liberia. This particular mask is from Liberia and specifically used by the Poro . . . a secret society where only males are admitted.   As you might know, Dan masks are used during […]

Dayak Iban Native Pottery. Vase. Container. Tajau. Sarawak. Borneo. Malaysia

    Iban Dayak pottery (aka Tajau) is a symbol of status, wealth and power. Even though the Dayak used the pottery for a variety of “daily” things (rice, water, wine, jewelry), it is also passed down through generations as a symbol of their familial beliefs. Occasionally, it is a funerary vessel or a ritual […]

Extremely Rare. Original & Guaranteed. Nuchu Wooden Shaman Medicine & Healing Figure. Nele. Kuna Guna. Panama

  This is a representation of a medicine man (Nele). A spirit is summoned from the figure and the soul of the patient is placed within. To aid in the healing process, the shaman chants and the burning of cacao beans in a clay censer beneath the patient’s hammock . . . protecting the patient […]

Dehua White Porcelain Kwan-yin Statue. Buddha. Guanyin. Lotus blossom. China.

    Guanyin . . . the Bodhisattva known as Avalokitesvara… the Buddhist icon associated with compassion.   A stunning statue from the world famous Dehua kilns, located in the vicinity of the town of Dehua Xian, Fujian Province. Most of my Dehua porcelain comes from a specific kiln in this vicinity . . . […]