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Carvers Clan Mask, New Guinea

Details: Ancestor mask from Iatmul New Guinea. Openwork eyes. Very imposing. Clan designs. Authentic. Stand not included.

Blue / White Porcelain Pixiu, China

Detail: This Pixiu is a Chinese mythical hybrid creature that – according to stories – is able to draw wealth (especially gold and silver) to its owners. Acquired from one of our agents in Beijing. Circa mid-1900’s. Pristine condition.

Large Metal Religious Figure / Statue, Tibet

Detail:  The style looks very familar to me but I cannot put my finger on its identity.   This might be a more contemporary-styled statue . . . in metal with a unique rust texture  and color covering.  The face and headdress looks Tibetan but I cannot find reference to the serpent that is around her neck. A peaceful […]

Authentic Ming Dynasty Terra Cotta Carnival Performer Statue, China

Detail:  Temple fairs are a Chinese tradition, especially in Beijing.  Dating back to the Liao Dynasty, city folk and peasants from outlining areas would gather at these fairs and buy/trade clothes, jewelry, birds, fish and insects . . . and attend the many events and carnivals.  During the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), “temple fairs” became widespread throughout […]

Authentic Rare Antique Brass Lengguai. Betel Nut. Borneo

Found in most homes, the Lengguai is traditionally a serving tray for daun Sirih (betel nut) . . .  a stimulant.  The more wealthy families owned the highest quality brass Lengguais, like this one.   In this case, I would guess – based on the designs and quality – that it was used to store valuables […]

Mid-1900 Suku Horned Helmet Mask. Yaka Influence.  DRC.  Congo. Africa

  One of the most complex and intriguing Suku mask that I have every seen!   The Suku (aka Basuku) are people from SW Congo and Northwest Angola.  They speak a derivation of the Bantu language of the Niger-Congo group of languages.  Suku women cultivate a root vegetable called cassava and the men hunt.   The […]

Maitland-Smith Brass Griffin.  Gryphon. Brulee finish.  Penshell inlay.  8173-10. Philippines

    Whoa….   This is certainly one of Maitland Smith’s most creative and sophisticated mythological and decorative creatures.  If the definition of a griffin is true to form, then this piece is the epitome of courage and boldness… with a massive helping of beauty and elegance.   This statue features a very detailed, brulee-finished […]

Authentic Spear / Blowpipe / Blowgun. Rare. Orang Asli. Taman Negara. Malaysia

An old and impossible-to-find artifact. From the Orang Asli tribe in the Taman Negara, one of the oldest rainforests in the world. Most likely early 1900’s. Hole on the blow end has been sealed with a wax or resin. The other end – near the spearhead – is open. The spear was primarily used for […]

Terracotta Soldier Warrior Head. Officer.  Replica.  Qin Shi Huang.  Xi’an City.  China

    In the early spring of 1974, workers sinking a well in Xiyang Village suddenly discovered an ancient bronze weapon and pieces of broken terracotta armored warriors.  That was the start.  Within two years, three pits were found and within 8,000 terracotta warriors, horses and more than 100 chariots.   But that was just […]

Antique “The Dead” Wooden Dance Mask.  Patron. Guatemala.

  A very old and authentic Patron mask from  Nahuala Solola in west central Guatemala.   For you who know about Guatemalan masks, this is a gem in a museum quality condition . . .and very rare.   In fine condition.  Circa late-1800s to early 1900s.   For the Serious Collector.  Stand not included.


NOTE to the Art Collector, Gallery Owner, Dealer or Academic: click here for items unique to your requirements.

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