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Warrior Sculpture.  Head.  Composite Material.  Africa

    A VERY detailed warrior bust.  Tribal makeup and headdress.  Hand finished

Maitland-Smith Brass Griffin.  Gryphon. Brulee finish.  Penshell inlay.  8173-10. Philippines

    Whoa….   This is certainly one of Maitland Smith’s most creative and sophisticated mythological and decorative creatures.  If the definition of a griffin is true to form, then this piece is the epitome of courage and boldness… with a massive helping of beauty and elegance.   This statue features a very detailed, brulee-finished […]

Yaka Ndeemba Mask.  n-khanda / Mukanda Ceremonial.  Northern Yaka.  Northern DRC Congo

  After a long history of forced migration and union with other groups, the Yaka have been an independent society since the 19th century.  Living in the northern Congo, the Yaka are primarily hunters, although they also practice small scale farming.  The Yaka has a tight-knit control & social system:  a chief, second in command who […]

Raku Mask.  Original Artist.  Oregon USA

    Raku is a pottery technique that has its origins in 16th century Japan. It might have been developed by Korean potters (under Japanese rule). The raku technique, like other pottery techniques such as salt glazing and pit firing, primarily revolves around it’s firing process. Traditional raku and our Western version are similar in […]

Archaic Cloisonne Enamel Incense Burner.  Foo Dog Lid.  China

    A real prize.  A sizable early censer with a bronze protective foo dog / lion lid.   Chinese enameling technique features carved or chiseled depressions in a brass vessel . . . and then filled with enamel, fired and polished.   Red, blue, white designs, animals (on handles).  Signature on bottom.  Good condition […]

Vintage Rich Yellow Cloisonne Enamel Bowl / Jar. Lid. Peony. With Stand. China.

    Cloisonne, cloisonné, cloisonné . . .  how simply gorgeous.  The detail – with copper wire forming the partitions – is just stunning.  And don’t get me started on the enamel work!   This piece is from the early 1950s and is in perfect condition.  This is an excellent example of Chinese craftsmanship.   […]

Han Dynasty Ancient Clay Horse Head, China

  I bought this from a very reputable antiquities dealer in London England with no discrete documentation or TL dating.  However, recently I did additional research on the clay, coloring and the Han features. The size is right, the (reesotericstuff.coming) coloring is right and the style is typical of a facial expressions used on these […]

Bronze Cheetah Face on Pedestal. Gorgeous. Spain.

This is a recent casting of a Cheetah face on a marble pedestal, signed by P.J. Mene.  The lost wax method was used and it is detailed and gorgeous.  There is a seal from the European Bronze Society affixed.  A great addition to your collection of African artifacts.

Egyptian Museum Quality Replica. Amarna. Akhenaten Rule. Harpist Head. Sculpture. Egypt / Australia

Amarna is an Egyptian archaeological site. About 1300 BC, Pharaoh Akhenaten built a capital city on that site.  It is about 200 miles south of Cairo. This piece is a limestone / quartzite composition replica of the original harpist head currently residing in the Louvre (in wood).  This sculpture captures the essence of Pharaoh Aktenaten’s […]

Terracotta Soldier Warrior Head. General.  Replica.  Qin Shi Huang.  Xi’an City.  China

  In the early spring of 1974, workers sinking a well in Xiyang Village suddenly discovered an ancient bronze weapon and pieces of broken terracotta armored warriors.  That was the start.  Within two years, three pits were found and within 8,000 terracotta warriors, horses and more than 100 chariots.   But that was just the […]


NOTE to the Art Collector, Gallery Owner, Dealer or Academic: click here for items unique to your requirements.

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