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Whether you are seeking an investment-quality 15th Century artifact from the Majapahit Empire for yourself or an unforgettable porcelain gift from China for someone else, has what you are looking for with selection, reasonable prices and superb customer service.

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Rare Museum Quality Bark Molded Mask. Africa

    This high forehead, smaller face is typical of of this tiny part of Africa.   Exceedingly rare, especially in this condition.   Acquired from another collector in 1962, this mask has been part of my personal collection.   For the Serious Collector. Stand is not included.  

Imperial Qianlong Porcelain Vase, China

This famille jaune imperial porcelain vase is hand painted with stylings of the Qianlong Emperor of the 1700s. Check out those butterflies, peonies and other flowers. Wow.  

Clay or Plaster Chinese Face, China

Detail: This is a plaster or clay figure. It was shaped and painted / stained. It is from my private collection. I secured it from a collector in Washington D.C. in the late 1990’s. It was produced in the late 1940’s or 1950’s. Most likely one of a kind piece. Good condition. For the Serious […]

Moro Kris Sword, Java Indonesia

Detail: Wood at each end of the sheath with center section in a silver alloy. The hilt’s grip is in silver with a gold band. Intricate design that matches the sheath. Check the pamor pattern: a mix of alloys, acid etching & maker’s signature. Stand not included. For the Serious Collector.

Swords and Hilt Weapons, Coe, Connolly, et al.

Details: A must-have book for all sword enthusiasts. This book covers 16 distinct areas with three categories: composition (stone, bronze, iron), period (from Greece to American swords and knives), and swords of Asia, India, Africa and pre-conquest America. 1993. 230 pages. Excellent condition.

Large Imperial Meiping Porcelain Vase. China

Birds, blossoms, rich color and stunning detail. Hand painted.

Antique Brass Lengguai, Borneo

Detail: Found in most homes, the Lengguai is traditionally a serving tray for daun Sirih (betel nut) . . . a stimulant. The more wealthy families owned the highest quality brass Lengguais, like this one. In this case, I would guess – based on the designs and quality – that it was used to store […]

Museum Quality Chokwe Ceremonial Bird Mask. Angola / DRC. Africa.

    An object d’art wooden bird mask, with a quality suitable for a museum exhibit. Superbly carved by Chokwe artisans to honor divine ancestors.   Acquired from a Pretoria South African Gallery whose owner has direct access to chiefs in the Congo. Based on my purchases and subsequent research, I do not doubt his […]

Bronze Singh or Lion Mask, Thailand

Detail: Very good casting on this mask from Thailand. Believed to be cast in the late 1970s or early 1980s. Until 1991, it was in an antique shop in Thailand. I have had it in my collection since then.

Large 19th Century Lacquerware Alms Box. Buddhist. 3-Piece. Designs. Elephants. Mandalay. Northern Myanmar. Burma.

    From Mandalay – the city and royal capital of northern Burma.   Elephants, elephants, elephants . . . all around and on the bottom. Elephants are most revered among most animals by Buddhists throughout Southeast Asia . . .and they appear all over this box along with rich and gorgeous designs.   Decorative […]