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Horned Kuba Helmet Mask. Wood & Paint. Bwoom. DRC. Congo. Africa

  This was quite a find.   One of the three known royal masks, the helmet Bwoom is one of the oldest mask types used by the Kuba. These were introduced in the 17th Century by King Miko mi-Mbul.   Most often used in funerals, they are also used in ceremonies where specific characters (tribal […]

Purple 8″ Frosted 99.9% Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl “B” Chakra. Crown or 7th Chakra. Nepal

  This crystal bowl is tuned to the key B, the frequency the flows through the Crown or 7th Chakra, seen in light as brilliant white and/or purple.   The crown chakra is the life-force energy center located at the top of the head, the thousand petal (or 1000 vortex) lotus. This chakra is our energy center […]

Huge Famille Porcelain Peach Vase, China

Stunning Famille Jaune porcelain vase hand-painted with nine peaches. Circa mid- to late-1900’s. Peaches represent immortality. Deep yellow background. Signature stamp. Mint condition. From a family estate sale in Tianjin.  

Richly Carved Spear. Staff. Wood. Blackwater River. Shaman. ESP. PNG New Guinea

  I have seen many spears from this region of New Guinea during my 50 years of collecting but not quite like this one. The intricate wood carving with its design and detail is quite spectacular.   I believe it is carved from Black Palm. Black Palm is referred to as a hardwood but it […]

Kanji Lantern / Reliquary. Original Art / Pottery/ Porcelain by Mark Heimann. Oregon

    According to Mark: “My inspirations are many and always eveloving – worldwide indigenous arts, ancient and modern, east/west, observations and conversations with people, animals and samurai!” Okay, Mark, we now undersand.   I purchased this from Mark in 1999 and it has been on my special prize list ever since.   His techniques […]

Scimitar. Curved Blade Sword. Knife. Sheath. Belt. Ethiopia

    For you Ornithologists out there, I am not talking about the black scimitar-bill from Ethiopia, I am referring to the Middle Eastern scimitar . . . a sword or knife.   Scimitar is a generic name for a Arabic sword with a curved blade. Its shape is found throughout the Middle East and […]

Fon People Boccio Bochio Fetish Statue. Vodun. Voodoo. Benin / Togo border. West Africa.

    The Fon people (originally called Dahomey) are the best known practitioners of Vodun in Benin. Practitioners often concoct special pastes or liquids to enhance the spirituality of the fetish. Practice is widespread and continues to be a strong force for many. For the Fon, fetishes or bochio is frequently used to drive away […]

Bronze Gilt Palace Guard Foo Dogs. Guardian Lions. Statues. Pair. China.

    These are large (11” tall) and detailed Chinese foo dogs or guardian lions. They are generally present in pairs. The male dog / lion has its right paw on a globe, representing “feeling the pulse of the earth”. He is guarding the structure or building he is nearest. The female plays with her […]

Majestic Large and Old War Elephant Sculpture. Wat Photharam Temple. Hand Carved. Teak. Thailand.

    Located in the Rattanakosin Kingdom (the traditional center of power), Wat Photharam (currently called Wat Pho) consists of a Buddhist temple complex. The complex is associated with King Rama I, who in 1782 rebuilt and expanded on an existing temple. Today the temple complex houses the largest collection of Buddha images in Thailand, […]

Old Shrine Vessel. LP Thad Alms / Offering Bowl. With lid. Ayutthaya. Thailand

    This is an old authentic shrine alms bowl used to celebrate Luang Phor Tuad (aka LP Thaud), a legionary high priest of Buddhism. His story starts from the Kingdom of Ayutthaya period (circa 1580 A.D.) and he lived during the reign of King Maha Dhammaraja. LP Tuad is probably one of the most […]