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Camphor Wood Folk Deity Statue, China

I don’t have a lot of detail on this piece but I really like the flowers and tassles.  It is probably from the mid-1900’s.  These types of statues were usually handcarved by village artisans and placed within worship altars in private homes.  This one was well cared for and the smell of the camphor wood […]

Silver / Nickel Composite Ornate Censer / Incense Burner, China

Detail:  This is such a detailed piece of art.  Multiple dimensions as the dragons, phoenix and kylin (on top), jump off the part of the censer.  Ornate for sure.  Composite nickel and silver for stability and hardness.  Circa mid-1900’s.  In very good condition.

Old Solid Sandstone Parvati. Gauri.  Bust.  Head.  India

    Parvati is a Hindu goddess of fertility, love, beauty, marriage, children and devotion.  Add to that:  divine strength and power . . .  which seems to sum up what is positive in the world today.   The thing to know is that Parvati is the wife of Shiva (supreme protector, evil destroyer […]

Antique Bronze Buddhist Temple Oil Lamp, China

Temple lamp from an Ambassador’s Private Collection. With various barrel shapes forming the body, there is no mistaking the dragon’s head forming a fluted spout. The efficiency of this lamp is based on how the oil passes through various small holes . . . and finally into the cup to burn. This piece was part […]

Iban.  Dayak.  34″ Fertility Staff.  Gawai Melah Pinang.  Ritual. Ceremony.  Indonesia

    Sure,  the Ibans / Dayaks were renowned for practicing headhunting to further territorial expansion.  They had a fearsome reputation until the Europeans arrived with their colonization in the 1800s.  Some headhunting episodes were reported into the mid-1900s.   There were rituals, ceremonies and festivals all to honor their gods and hence bring strength […]

Buddhist Ritual and Ceremonial Dragon Chu-srin Bugle / Horn, Nepal

This is a handmade ceremonial musical instrument that depicts the Tibetan Chu-srin or Makara – a sea dragon – that is a mix of a dragon and a mythical sea creature.  It is made of copper, parts of which are plated in gold.  There is a brass chain attached.  Cute!  Stands are not included.

Pair of White Porcelain Dragons, China

What a delightful pair. Lots of detail. Notice the eyebrows. Slight difference between the two statues . . . size of the head, spread of the tail, thickness of body, horn placement.   Circa mid-1900’s. Pristine condition.

Framed 1898 Map South China and Southeast Asia

Really a remarkable find.   In 1898, a Citizens Atlas was printed by John G. Bartholemew of Edinburgh.  It is multi-colored and printed on quality 100# paper stock.  It covers China south and Southeast Asia . . . to New Guinea and the Philippines.  I had it professionally framed about 20 years ago.  There is […]

Large Sculpted Silverback Gorilla Head.  Signed Sandra Brue.  1997.  USA.

    LIFESIZE!  Majestic!  Very Detailed!     . . .  and now, very rare.   This is the second sculpture I have owned of this piece.  I am so enamored with its magnificence.   It reminds me of the behavioral studies I did with primates in the 1960s …. chimps, baboons, monkeys, yes… but – unfortunately […]

Rare and Museum Quality  Lord Ganesh Sawankhalok Stoneware / Pottery Statue. Porcelain.  16/17th Century.  Thailand.

The best known of all traditional Thailand ceramics are those named and from Sawankhalok.  Such stoneware is decorated in a rich brown glaze and decorated with an opaque glaze. The finely crackled surface of the glaze is lightly speckled from ash residue deposits during the low temperature glazing process.   This is another piece from […]


NOTE to the Art Collector, Gallery Owner, Dealer or Academic: click here for items unique to your requirements.

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