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Vintage Brass Dancing Shiva Natraj / Nataraj. India.

The dancing form of Lord Shiva is a symbolic synthesis of the most important aspects of Hinduism.  This representation was developed in southern India by 9th and 10th century artists in a series of beautiful bronze sculptures.  The dance of Shiva symbolizes the cosmic cycles of creation and destruction . . .  including the daily […]

Rare Bamun Brass Sheathing Mask. Bamileke People.  Cameroon.  Africa

    Sharing stylistic traits with the Bamileke, Tikar and other Western Grassland Cameroon tribes, this particular mask illustrates the complexity of the transfer of styles… through migration and various artists’ interpretations… even as far back as the migrations of the 17th Century.   That is what makes this mask so unique and rare.  It […]

Cartonnage Fragment Winged Scarab.  Authentic.  712-322 BCE.   Egypt

    Cartonnage is an Egyptology and Papyrology term used to describe plastered layers of fiber or papyrus . . . flexible enough (when wet) to mold around irregular surfaces such as a body, cases, coffins, masks during the funerary process.  Such a finished flat surface allowed for painting of characters and motifs.  Basically, the […]

Wooden Temple Hindu God Vishnu, India

A rare and in museum quality condition, this piece of Hindu art is very old. According to an authority on Hindu art for the Dallas Asian Museum, this statue is estimated to be circa 960-1127 AD. It was from a Kashmir India temple. Pegs on top and bottom are used to form a truss between […]

Old Solid Sandstone Parvati. Gauri.  Bust.  Head.  India

    Parvati is a Hindu goddess of fertility, love, beauty, marriage, children and devotion.  Add to that:  divine strength and power . . .  which seems to sum up what is positive in the world today.   The thing to know is that Parvati is the wife of Shiva (supreme protector, evil destroyer […]

Authentic Spear / Blowpipe / Blowgun. Rare. Orang Asli. Taman Negara. Malaysia

An old and impossible-to-find artifact. From the Orang Asli tribe in the Taman Negara, one of the oldest rainforests in the world. Most likely early 1900’s. Hole on the blow end has been sealed with a wax or resin. The other end – near the spearhead – is open. The spear was primarily used for […]

Celadon Glazed Jade Green Porcelain Vase, China

From the Zhejiang Province, this large celadon – with jade green glaze on porcelain – is in mint condition.  Monochrome glaze.  Dragons on each side of upper stem.  Bats or birds on edge.  Circa mid-1900s.   I dare you to find this quality at this price . . . .  anywhere!

Vintage Large Handmade Bronze Maitland Smith Elephant Sculpture Statue. #132  Clock.  Philippines.

  Quite stunning!  The Maitland Smith company was founded in Hong Kong by a well-known antique dealer.  Besides designing quality 18th century furniture, Maitland Smith also scoured the globe in search of quality antique furnishings to supplement his furniture.  This elephant was cast in the Philippines and they put their label on it.   Below it’s […]

Natural Green Jade Chi-Lin Pair.  Statues.  Qilin.  Kylin.  Feng Shui. Xiu or Nephrite.  China

  Chi Lin – or the Dragon Horse – is a classic feng shui protection cure and mythological creature.    Loyal to its owner and a protector to the owner’s house, the Chi Lin is of a royal status than other guardians.   Xiu Jade – aka Xiuyan Jade –  is a special category of Nephrite […]

Phenomenal Bronze Garuda Mask.  Hinduism.  Buddhism. Deity. Tibet. Nepal.

    The mythical deity – Garuda – has a ton of spiritual significance in Hinduism and Buddhism.  In Hinduism, Garuda is most often found mounted on the back of Vishnu, as the god’s protector.   Here the Garuda – with a snake in its beak – symbolizes the predominance of intellect / power over […]