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Large Vintage Maitland Smith Centerpiece.  Iridescent.  Console Bowl. Bronze or Brass trim.  Bird Nest.   Philippines.

    Maitland Smith – founded by a well-known London antique dealer and designer – acquired and reproduced world class quality products.  Their expertise includes metal casting, finely executed porcelains, sophisticated finishing techniques, detailed hand painting, beautiful inlaid marquetry and the finest hand carved woodwork.   Maitland-Smith acquired this piece in the Philippines and sold […]

Antique / Vintage Headhunters Letter Opener.  Miniature.  Sterling silver.  Brass.  Borneo

    Authentic headhunting swords like this were popular in the mid- to late- 1800s . . . even up to the mid-1900s (in certain locations).   The primitive weapon collector I purchased it from said it had a sterling silver foundation with copper inlay and brass handle . . .  and  – as shown […]

Vintage Maitland-Smith Porcelain Ginger Jar.  Hong Kong.

    This porcelain jar was made in kilns near the ancient kilns of Wun Yiu village – once the center of porcelain industry back in the 1600s.  It was then hand-painted and refired in Hong Kong.   Maitland-Smith acquired this piece and sold it through their global network . . .  from their base […]

Vintage Gilt Brass Green Glass Pedestal Compote Bowl.  Gryphon.  Griffin Handles.  France

    A truly stunning piece.    Here we have an emerald green sectioned glass bowl snugly fitted with a gilt brass mounted frame with a pedestal base with concave designs around it.   I was particularly struck with the elegance and detail on the gryphon handles.  Awesome!   No chips or repairs. A few […]

Stone Scorpion Scarab.  Amulet.  Paperweight.  Figure.  Heliopolis.  Egypt.

    This large amulet is not really a scarab, even though the scorpion is strongly associated with scarabs.  The reason is that scorpions are common on the belly side of scarab beetle figures.   Scorpions like this are associated with the Egyptian goddess of Serket.  She was worshipped in the Lower Egypt in the […]

Maitland-Smith Brass Griffin.  Gryphon. Brulee finish.  Penshell inlay.  8173-10. Philippines

    Whoa….   This is certainly one of Maitland Smith’s most creative and sophisticated mythological and decorative creatures.  If the definition of a griffin is true to form, then this piece is the epitome of courage and boldness… with a massive helping of beauty and elegance.   This statue features a very detailed, brulee-finished […]

Bronze Passport Mask.  Igbo Tribe.  Lost Wax.  Igbo-Ukwu. Nigeria.

    The people of Igbo-Ukwu (southeast of Onitsha), ancestors of present-day Igbo, were proficient in metal working art in the 9th century (+ or – years depending on what expert you speak with). They are thought to be the earliest smithers (hammering, bending, twisting & incising) of copper and alloys in West Africa . […]

Russian Hot Tea Podstakannik and Stakin.  Cut Crystal.  Vladimir Russia

    Handled tea glass holders were considered essential in many Russian households since the 1800s. Having started off as an ingenious tool to avoid touching a hot glass, the podstakannik (glass holder) soon evolved into a tableware item for the elite and rich. Precious metals, filigree design, and exquisite enamel painting became more available […]

Large Desktop Prayer Wheel.  Handmade and Hand Crafted. Buddhist.  Paper Scroll.  Nepal

Prayer wheels are Tibetan Buddhist praying instruments, with the mantra engraved:  Om Mani Padme Hum, Avalokitesvara’s mantra.  Prayers are also printed on a paper scroll rolled inside the metal cylinder.  Very powerful.   Prayer wheels are fixed to the walls of monasteries, grouped around stupas, found in private homes, carried by pilgrims, or – in […]

Egyptian Queen Nefertiti Head.  Bust.  Limestone Fragment.  Aswan. Egypt

    Bust carved into a piece of limestone.  Stunning.    Original pieces from ancient Egypt are almost impossible to acquire at a reasonable price.  And there are the issues of importing, exporting, authentication and language.   With that said, here is an item that is old but not necessarily ancient.   This head of […]


NOTE to the Art Collector, Gallery Owner, Dealer or Academic: click here for items unique to your requirements.

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