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Antique Rare Sawankhalok Pottery Elephant. Chang Thai. Si Satchanalai Kilns. Sukhothai Period. Statue. Thailand.

    One of the most famous examples of Thai pottery are from the Sukhothai period (14-16th Centuries) from the kilns of Si Satchanalai, which is around the historic village of Sawankhalok in north-central Thailand. This period started in the 13th century CE and continued until the 16th century. The art reached its apex in the […]

Ifugao Tribe Mombaki Shaman Magical Basket. Container. Hipag Figure. Cordillera Region. Philippines.

    Ifugao is a landlocked province of the Philippines. Ifugao – derived from ipugo which means earth people – is also the name of the people who inhabit this region.   Untouched by the influences of Spanish colonialism, the Ifugao people and culture value kinship, family ties, religious and cultural beliefs.   Up until the […]

Tall Buddhist 2-Stage Brass Incense Burner. China

    Another incense burner from my private collection. From a wealthy family near Beijing. My intermediary was in Hong Kong so I had it appraised in 1999. They determined it was from the early 1900s and at the latest mid 1900s. Retail value was $1,200USD. I have not verified that appraisal here in the […]

Celadon Crackle Hexagon Porcelain Temple Jar. China.

  Hand fired. This 13″ tall hexagonal Celadon Chinese porcelain vase is distinguished by its beautiful crackle glazed in rich oriental Celadon green.   Made in Jingdezhen, northeastern Jiangxi province of China.

Chokwe Tshokwe Mask. Kahemba Territory. DRC. Congo. Africa

    A stunning mask from the Kahemba territory of the Congo . . located near the border with Angola. Hard wood.   Museum quality mask in excellent condition. Circa 1960 – 1970s.   For the Serious Collector. Stand not included.

Old Woven Basket / Painted Yam Mask. Abelam Village. East Sepik River. Papua New Guinea.

Yam masks are an essential part of the yam harvest ceremonies and festivals of East Sepik area. In this case, the Wosera Hills, near Maprik. This mask is woven by men and tied to huge yams during the harvest festivities. Men of high status often grow yams exceeding 3 meters long . . .involving […]

Dehua Porcelain Kwan-yin / Guanyin, China

Detail: Large standing Kwan-yin holding a lotus flower. Notice the detail on the hands and beads. Serene expression. From the Fujian Province. Circa mid-1900’s. For the Serious Collector.

Architectural Mandala Window, Nepal

Detail: This is a miniature replica of the famous Mandala window in Katmandu. It is hand carved by a master craftsman in Nepal. This is a wonderful wall hanging full of history.

Investment Quality Jadeite Ram, China

Detail: Very old carved ram with a foo dog lid and mahogany base. This is high quality hard jade. I bought this from a New Orleans family who possessed it for over 4 generations. I believe it is at least 100+ years old. Perfect condition. I love the veins of color through this museum quality […]