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Jaina Island Rattle Figure. Mayan. 500 – 900 AD. Campecha. Pre-Columbian Pottery Artifact.

  A Mayan Jaina Island artifact from the Classic Period. Jaina is part of the Mexican state of Campecha and located off the Gulf coast. This piece is from the Nicholas T. Molnar collection that was acquired during the period of 1960 to 1978.   This is a rattle figure – with some repair – […]

Nkisi Nkondi. Spiritual. VooDoo. Nail Fetish. Two Headed Wood Figure / Statue. Congo. Kongo. DRC – RDC. Africa

Coming from the Kongo peoples, a Nkisi refers to the spiritual nature of the figure where nkondi refers to the power of the figure itself. Spiritual and religious specialists – along with these figures – become the village protector, legal expert, healer of the sick, revengers and are even able to end disasters. This particular […]

Blue / White Porcelain Pixiu, China

Detail: This Pixiu is a Chinese mythical hybrid creature that – according to stories – is able to draw wealth (especially gold and silver) to its owners. Acquired from one of our agents in Beijing. Circa mid-1900’s. Pristine condition.

Antique. Rare. White Marble Apsara Musician. India

    Apsaras are female spirits of the clouds and waters in Hindu and Buddhist mythology. Apsara’s have different names whether you are referring to them in Khmer, Vietnam, Indonesia or Thailand. All are youthful, elegant supernatural female beings.   This white marble was hand carved in the late 1800s. I love these historic pieces […]

Batak Tribe Ceremonial Dagger / Knife, North Central Sumatra

This dagger is really a short sword worn for ceremonial occasions by the adult male. Daggers of this quality are highly prized and passed down from generation to generation. It was acquired from an elderly person in the Lake Samosar area of Sumatra in 1995. It is hand carved in ebony and metal / silver […]

Stupa. Essence of Buddhahood. Silver Statue. Tibet

Perhaps the most common monument of Tibetan Buddhism. It was introduced in the 7th Century representing the funeral mounds of its chief symbolic representation of Shakyamuni. The dome was the shrine of the most sacred of objects. This stupa is made of a silver / nickel composite is comprised of two parts. I acquired […]

Investment Quality Jadeite Ram, China

Detail: Very old carved ram with a foo dog lid and mahogany base. This is high quality hard jade. I bought this from a New Orleans family who possessed it for over 4 generations. I believe it is at least 100+ years old. Perfect condition. I love the veins of color through this museum quality […]

Rare. Large Vintage Carved Wood Joker Head Statue. Mandalay. Burma. Myanmar

These joker statues are used as offerings for good health, wealth and protection from harmful spirits. Jokers are also part of a November celebration in Bagan, an ancient city located in the Mandalay Region of Burma. The celebration called, Anyeint is part of a longer event around the construction of the Shwezigon Pagoda. Anyeint […]

Ifugao Tribe Mombaki Shaman Magical Basket. Container. Hipag Figure. Cordillera Region. Philippines.

    Ifugao is a landlocked province of the Philippines. Ifugao – derived from ipugo which means earth people – is also the name of the people who inhabit this region.   Untouched by the influences of Spanish colonialism, the Ifugao people and culture value kinship, family ties, religious and cultural beliefs.   Up until the […]

17th Century Lady Warrior, China

Detail: From the Fujian Province in China. An operatic statue in red, green and blue lacquers with gold leaf designs. In our Tingjiang collector’s family for 4 generations. For the Serious Collector.