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Chokwe / Tchokwe Chikwekwe Bird Mask.  Angola

    Chokwe are an ethnic group of Central and Southern Africa, primarily in Angola, Congo and Zambia.  They are regionally famous for their exceptional crafts work, particularly with baskets, pottery, mask carving, statues, stools and other handicrafts. The works of art include utilitarian objects, integrating Chokwe mythologies, oral history and spiritual beliefs.  The traditional […]

Spanish Petroglyph.  Rock engraving.  Three Goddesses.  Oregon USA

    This is a replica of an ancient design that dates to the Paleolithic age in Spain.  This dates the design to about 20,000 years ago.   We all know that some of the oldest petroglyphs found were located in Spain.  But this rendition of three “beings” is not only a good replication but […]

Kalao Bird Figure / Statue.  Hornbill Sculpture.  Senufo.  Ivory Coast, Africa

    A stately and rare African sculpture of a Kalao / Hornbill from the Senufo people of northern Cote d’Ivoire.   Only ancestral specialized artisan tribal members dedicate their lives to creating art for the Senufo.   Sculptures are hand-carved from a solid piece of wood and clad with brass or copper metal . […]

Vintage Maitland-Smith Porcelain Ginger Jar.  Hong Kong.

    This porcelain jar was made in kilns near the ancient kilns of Wun Yiu village – once the center of porcelain industry back in the 1600s.  It was then hand-painted and refired in Hong Kong.   Maitland-Smith acquired this piece and sold it through their global network . . .  from their base […]

Museum Quality Chokwe Mwana PWO Mask. Congo. DRC.  Africa

    This stunning mask is from the Chokwe people of the Congo with similar masks coming from Angola.  Mwana Pwo masks are hand carved by a craftsman to represent an ancestral spirit of Pwo or the archetype of womanhood and fertility.  Such efforts are significant given the Chokwe trace descent through their mothers’ lines. […]

Sanxingdui Treasured Stamps Album, Issued by Sichuan Province Philatelic Corporation.

This album commemorates ancient gold masks from China and Egypt. On October 12, 2001, China and Egypt jointly issued a set of stamps in two pieces titled, “Ancient Gold Masks”. They featured the gold mask unearthed in Sanxingui and the Toutankhamon (Pharaoh of the ancient Egypt) gold mask. This is a great stamp book for […]

Kumanthong / Kuman Thong.  Phantom Ghost. Religious Artifact.   Authentic.  Thailand.

    Kuman Thong is an effigy or statue that is revered in Thailand by Animists (folks who believe that natural physical entities – including animals and plants – possess a spiritual essence, IF given the proper respect). If so, statues such as this bring good luck and fortune to its owner. Kuman means young […]

Antique Greco-Roman Silver Ring with Griffin.  Gryphon etched. Sabac Serbia

    A stunning ancient replica of a Greco-Roman silver ring.   Acquired from a Greek antique shop in Sabac Serbia.  According to the owner, it was handcrafted in the mid- to late- 1800s in a small silver foundry in Acharnes, on the outskirts of Athens.   A lot of history here.  The flatness of […]

Wooden Statue.  Guan Yu. Fierce Warrior.  Boxwood.  Handcarved.  Polished.  Qiantang River.  China

    Guan Yu (162 – 219 AD) was one of the best known historical and warrior figures in China’s ancient history.  He was a military general serving under Liu Bei (a warlord) during the Eastern Han dynasty.  Playing a significant role, Guan Yu helped to bring an end to the Han dynasty.   Even […]

Songye Warrior Shield.  Wood.  Woven edge. Congolacerta Lizard. Congo. DRC

    Songye and Luba origins are shared and can be traced through lineages from the 16th Century.  It is believed that the founders of the Songye emerged from the lake region in the Shaba / Katanga province in the southeast part of the Congo with the Lomami River separating them from the Luba.  Waging […]


NOTE to the Art Collector, Gallery Owner, Dealer or Academic: click here for items unique to your requirements.

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