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Huge and Rare Yombe Nkisi / Nkondi Three – Faced Statue. Vili / Loango Tribe. DRC / Congo. Africa

  During the 13th Century, the Kongo people began their expansion into Gabon, Zaire and Angola. One of the original tribes was called the Vili that now stretches across the coasts of Gabon and parts of the old Zaire.   Nail fetishes (aka Nkondi) are created to carry a variety of magical and mystical substances […]

Old Shrine Vessel. LP Thad Alms / Offering Bowl. With lid. Ayutthaya. Thailand

    This is an old authentic shrine alms bowl used to celebrate Luang Phor Tuad (aka LP Thaud), a legionary high priest of Buddhism. His story starts from the Kingdom of Ayutthaya period (circa 1580 A.D.) and he lived during the reign of King Maha Dhammaraja. LP Tuad is probably one of the most […]

Large & Rare Guere / Gere Spider Mask. Stand. Cote D’Ivoire. Africa

    Living on the northwestern edge of the Ivory Coast (near the border of Burkina Faso) are the Guere. Their neighbors are the Wobe and – although separate tribes – they are often referred as the We (translated as “men who easily forgive”). According to Jean-Baptiste Bacquart’s book (Tribal Arts of Africa), this expression […]

Sarcophagus Wooden Mummy Mask. Ptolemaic Kingdom Era. Wood. Ptolemaic Kingdom. Egypt

    An amazing amount of paint / detail left on this Egyptian sarcophagus mask. Carved in detailed relief, including the sensitive eyes and longer nose, typical of this period. All the detail is there and depending on the viewing angle, you can see different expressions. You may see a bit of Greek influence.   […]

Stunning Guro Horned Mask. Bird Motifs. Wood. Cote d’Ivoire. Africa

    The Guro of Cote D’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) have handmade colorful masks for generations. These masks are similar to the Baule….. but the similarity ends there.   The Guro (Kweni) are ancient hunters (more recently farmers) in the valley regions of the Bandama River.   The daily life of the Guro is dominated by […]

Elegant & Antique Wooden Gothic-flavored Bowl. Hardwood & Brass. Family Shield. France.

    Certainly a design classic with brass handles and rim. Perhaps a fruit bowl or container to hold the family jewels. Obviously from a wealthy family who had this handmade with their family crest.   Look at the details and condition. Quite spectacular. Dated to the mid- to late- 1800s.   Very good condition […]

Suku Helmet Mask. Basuku People. Rite of Passage. Kholuka. DNC / Zaire. Africa

  Suku people have lived in the southwestern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo (formally Zaire) since the 16th Century. Their economic source is farming but occasionally join in communal hunts.   Suku’s are known for their large carved figures (e.g. fertility figures, crouching fetish figures, ancestral statues and statues that personify evil spirits). […]

Marka / Warka Tribal Mask. Wood and Copper. Ceremonial. Mali. Africa.

  About 2.5 million Bambara people for the largest ethnic group in Mali. The Bambara Kingdom was founded in the 17th Century and reached its pinnacle by 1787. It has always been an agricultural society with cattle rearing a secondary source of food.   In the northern region of the Bambara territory are the Marka […]