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Museum Quality Chokwe Ceremonial Bird Mask. Angola / DRC. Africa.

    An object d’art wooden bird mask, with a quality suitable for a museum exhibit. Superbly carved by Chokwe artisans to honor divine ancestors.   Acquired from a Pretoria South African Gallery whose owner has direct access to chiefs in the Congo. Based on my purchases and subsequent research, I do not doubt his […]

Old Madura Keris Kriss Kris Dagger. Centipede. Madura. Indonesia.

    Directly from Madura, this Keris was passed on through 2 generations. Madura is an Indonesian island off the northeast coast of Java and is inhabited by 3.65 million Madurese.   Keris have been produced for centuries. It is divided into three parts: blade (wilah), hilt (hulu), and sheath (warangka). Each part of the Keris […]

Large 19th Century Lacquerware Alms Box. Buddhist. 3-Piece. Designs. Elephants. Mandalay. Northern Myanmar. Burma.

    From Mandalay – the city and royal capital of northern Burma.   Elephants, elephants, elephants . . . all around and on the bottom. Elephants are most revered among most animals by Buddhists throughout Southeast Asia . . .and they appear all over this box along with rich and gorgeous designs.   Decorative […]

Boxwood Hand Carved Female Celestial Mythological Fairy Statue. Figure. Lute. China

  What an incredible piece…. hand-carved in great detail and then hand-rubbed to a fine finish. Only skilled craftsmen who have spent their lifetime can carve these exquisite pieces. Carved in a village outside Beijing.   On it’s own base. Just gorgeous. Will be delivered in a linen-wrapped custom box.  

Wood Lions / Foo Dogs on Pedestals, Pair from China

A male and female pair of foo dogs / lions with Ming Dynasty stylings. Likely mid-1900s. Hand carved from light weight wood, Pahudia or Monkeypod. Detailed and rich in color.

Crystal Singing Bowl. 8” diameter. Chakra C. Root. Meditation. Healing. Tibet/China

  Singing bowls have been used since 560 B.C. to invoke a deep state of relaxation, meditation and spiritual well-being.   Here is a 99.9% pure quartz crystal singing bowl with a Chakra C. The official name of this chakra, muladhara, comes from the words Mula, which means root and Dhara, which means support. This […]

Old Hand Carved Reclining Buddha. Wood. Mirror Gems. Thailand.

  Peaceful. Beautifully detailed robe and adorned with multicolored mirrors. From a collector of Thai statues in Miami Florida USA.   The reclining Buddha represents Shakyamuni. It is said that the Buddha knew death was approaching and asked his disciples to prepare a couch for him in a grove of trees. He lay there, reclining […]

Very Old Bakongo Death Mask. DRC. Congo. Africa.

    The solidarity of the Bakongo people has a long history based on the dynamics of the Kongo Kingdom, first discovered in the fifteenth century by a Portuguese explorer.   There are numerous subgroups / tribes that make up the cultural and spiritual complex. Examples: the Vili, Woyo, Yombe and others. Most have their […]

Horned Kuba Helmet Mask. Wood & Paint. Bwoom. DRC. Congo. Africa

  This was quite a find.   One of the three known royal masks, the helmet Bwoom is one of the oldest mask types used by the Kuba. These were introduced in the 17th Century by King Miko mi-Mbul.   Most often used in funerals, they are also used in ceremonies where specific characters (tribal […]

Hand Carved Famille Rose Porcelain Vase. Cutout Design. Incised. Qianlong Marked. China

    A gorgeous see-through cutout porcelain vase with intricate carved designs and hand painted in enamel with floral decorations. I love these overglazed rose colors of pink and carmine.   The mark is that of Qianlong Nian Zhi – Qianlong Period Make. Qianlong is the name of the reigning period (1736-1795) of the Chinese […]