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Wall and Shelf Plaque.  Aten.  Atenism.  Ra.  Akhenaten.  Sun / Sky God. Cone Heads.  Cast stone.

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Ancient Egyptian paintings, coffins, masks, scrolls and other art are cluttered with images of worshipers with pointed cones on their noggins . . .  using offering something to above them.  Many of those worshipers were pregnant.


Even with these cone heads appearing all over ancient Egypt, archaeologists have never been able to excavate or find any evidence that such “cone heads” have ever existed.


Well, have you heard of the theories from the “perfumed fat” group, the Amarna Project or the ET theorists?


Perfumed Fat:  Without any evidence, the most popular theory was that these cones were shaped from fatty matter and mixed with aromatic gum and resin. The concoction was mixed and melted over the heads of the wearers.  It was “sort of ancient fragranced hair gel”.  Only the elite wore this concoction as they sought the presence of the divine . . . .  or were worn as part of royal feasts or sacred rituals.  Okay, but no proof… just a story.


Amarna Project:  Back in 2009, a group of archaeologists were digging in the cemeteries of Amarna, an ancient city on the east bank of the Nile River and about 200 miles south of Cairo.  It was here that Akhenaten hastily built temples in the 14th Century BCE.  These cemeteries were filled with common citizens, not any elites.  The cones they found were not solid but were hollow shells folded around dark brown fabric with what appears to be beeswax. No wax was found in the hair of the deceased, however.  Mystery solved?


ET:  Then there are those who view images – like on this plaque – and have their own theories about the origins of mankind and visitors from far off galaxies.  Enough said.


I love this piece of ancient revelers paying tribute or seeking guidance.  After a bit of research, I am sure this is an Atenism scene, the religious system established by the pharaoh Akhenaten.  Aten was the “disc of the sun” and originally part of Ra, the traditional sun god of ancient Egyptian religion.  Akhenaten created Atenism and made it the sole focus of official worship during his reign.


So here you have it…. a full story of a short-lived religion, Egyptian devotees and the mystery behind the cone heads…. all in one highly detailed hand-cast plaque.


A stunning conversation piece!      Metal hanger on back.  Stand not included.





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