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Batak Shaman Spiritual Staff.  Simalungun People.  Lake Toba. Sumatra 

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    Sumatra is just one island of the 17,000 islands in the chain called Indonesia. The cultures specific to different islands have long been isolated from one another resulting is significant diversity. Sumatra – one of Indonesia’s largest islands – it is home to the Batak tribes.   Shamen… Continue reading

Richly Carved Spear. Staff.  Wood.  Blackwater River. Shaman.  ESP.  PNG  New Guinea

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  I have seen many spears from this region of New Guinea during my 50 years of collecting but not quite like this one.  The intricate wood carving with its design and detail is quite spectacular.   I believe it is carved from Black Palm.  Black Palm is… Continue reading

Iban.  Dayak.  34″ Fertility Staff.  Gawai Melah Pinang.  Ritual. Ceremony.  Indonesia

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    Sure,  the Ibans / Dayaks were renowned for practicing headhunting to further territorial expansion.  They had a fearsome reputation until the Europeans arrived with their colonization in the 1800s.  Some headhunting episodes were reported into the mid-1900s.   There were rituals, ceremonies and festivals all… Continue reading

Carved Toba Batak Shaman Pole / Staff, North Sumatra

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Detail: Shaman’s staffs (Tunggal Panahuan) were used in magic ceremonies to protect against the actions of enemies. In addition, these staffs were used as a prophetic tool for diagnosing the spiritual causes of a disease. They derive their power from a specially prepared ritual substance called Pupuk. Pupuk attracts ancestor… Continue reading

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