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Large Vintage Maitland Smith Vase.  Greek Motif.  Hand Painted.  Philippines      

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    Maitland-Smith – founded by a well-known London antique dealer and designer – acquired and reproduced world class and quality products.  Their expertise includes metal casting, finely executed porcelains, sophisticated finishing techniques, detailed hand painting, beautiful inlaid marquetry and the finest hand carved woodwork and the highest quality… Continue reading

Oinochoe-styled Vessel.  Reproduction.  Athletes.  Greece

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    Accurate replica and a quality reproduction of a 500 B.C. vessel by a Greek artist, Pvaglis in the mid-1900s, in Greece.  Of course, hand painted.  Recreated from actual pieces found during an archaeological excavation.   Acquired from a NYC collector who commissioned Pvaglis to produce a… Continue reading

Museum Quality Chokwe Ceremonial Bird Mask.  Angola / DRC.  Africa.

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    An object d’art wooden bird mask, with a quality suitable for a museum exhibit.  Superbly carved by Chokwe artisans to honor divine ancestors.   Acquired from a Pretoria South African Gallery whose owner has direct access to chiefs in the Congo.  Based on my purchases and… Continue reading

Museum Quality 11th Century Khmer Sculpture. Jayavarman II Era.  Angkorian-styled. Sandstone. Cambodia

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    Jayavarman II was a 9th-century king of Cambodia, widely recognized as the founder of the Khmer Empire, the dominant civilization on the Southeast Asian esotericstuff.comland from the 10th Century until the mid 15th century. He has been regarded as the king who laid the foundation of the Angkor… Continue reading

Large Very Fine Dehua Porcelain Kwan-yin  GuanYin Buddha.  Reclining or Sleeping Posture.  Statue. Sculpture.  China.

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      A bit about Dehua and the Dehua kilns:  The district of Dehua is situated on the eastern slopes of the Daiyun Mountains of southern Fujian, some 50 miles inland.  About the twelfth century, Dehua became the hinterland of the wealthy port of Quanzhou on the… Continue reading

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