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COIN: Ancient-Looking Greek Coin. Silver Plated. Greece.

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    Alexander the Great: I’ve spent almost a year now researching him, his family, his enemies (who turned allies), his horse, his motivations, his mental state, his death, his art, his monuments and homes… and a lot more.   Here is a replica coin from his era .… Continue reading

Stately Metal Griffin Statue. Gryphon. Figure. Bookend. Egypt.

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    Looks great at the end of a long line of books . . . or nestled up to a stack.   Typical of the mythological hybrid from ancient Egypt (and Persia), the beast with wings and head/beak of an eagle dates back to 3000 B.C.   Griffins… Continue reading

Celadon Ware Griffin Oil Lamp, China

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Detail: The stylings of this piece are from the Western Jin Dynasty (265-420 AD). The original pieces were used specifically by court officials and the griffins were protective creatures. Our Chinese agent secured it from a private home in Lishui in the Zhejiang Province. It appears… Continue reading
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