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Stone Scorpion Scarab.  Amulet.  Paperweight.  Figure.  Heliopolis.  Egypt.

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This large amulet is not really a scarab, even though the scorpion is strongly associated with scarabs.  The reason is that scorpions are common on the belly side of scarab beetle figures.


Scorpions like this are associated with the Egyptian goddess of Serket.  She was worshipped in the Lower Egypt in the predynastic period (6000 – 3150 BCE).  It was an area in the northernmost region of Egypt (Nile Delta).


Serket was associated with healing, magic and protection.  Her name translates to:  She Who Causes the Throat to Breathe”.  Many of her other symbols (e.g. Ankh, the Was Scepter, etc) are found in many temples, hieroglyphics, statues, amulets through the many Egyptian dynasties.


Original smaller amulets like this were placed among the funerary bandages to ensure  the deceased a safe, healthy and productive afterlife.


This particular stone scorpion – with hieroglyphics on the reverse – was carved by local artisans on the outskirts of Heliopolis.


I was told there is a lot of magic brewing inside this Serket amulet.  Words spoken by you or potions rubbed over this amulet could provide wishes to its possessor.


Go for it!  I will if you don’t.  Keep it on your desk for quick and easy access.  Stand not included.


This item has SOLD.  Thanks M.W. !!






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