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Shakyamuni Buddha.  Bronze.  Statue.  Sculpture. Buddhism.  Dhyana Mudra. Kumbum Monastery. Tibet

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This is a traditional representation of the Shakyamuni Buddha who lived and taught in India in the 6th Century B.C.E., a time of flourishing religious and philosophical thought from Greece to China.


The physical characteristics of him seated in the lotus position of meditation, legs crossed, soles up, back straight, with a thin robe draped over his left shoulder are all present in this statue.  The pointed coiffure (with a mass of compact curls) is associated with his transcendental wisdom.  And then there are the elongated earlobes.


But you know all of that.


The Dhyana Mudra:  The hand gesture shown on this statue is primarily used during meditation practice as a means of channeling the flow of vital force energy known as prana.  It is popular to cultivate a sense of stillness of mind and is performed by placing the right hand over the left and joining both thumbs tips, diagonally.


The formed triangle represents the three jewels of Buddhism:  Buddha, Sangha (the community) and Dharma (universal truth).  The right hand placed over the left represents the dominance of knowledge and awareness over the illusions/deceptions created by the world.


According to my agent, this well-cast statue is from Ta’er Temple aka Kumbum Monastery in Qinghai China.  The temple was founded in 1583.  He was told that this statue was most likely cast in a foundry by Newari artisans located in the Katmandu Valley.


Stand not included.


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