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Rare Master Quality Handcrafted Tantric Oracle Cap.  Crown. Tibet.

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Tibetan Oracles?  Well, before Buddhism, there were Bons.  Bons were a particular type of priest who performed rituals to gain the favor of local spirits and ensure the well-being and safety of the dead in the afterlife.  Much, much later and under the influence of Buddhism, Buddhist masters brought Dharma to Tibet with a similar world view:  the world was in three parts – one solid, one psychic and one mental.  Oracles were a definite feature of the Bon tradition.


Tibetans rely on oracles for various reasons – not just to foretell the future. They are called upon as mind/spirit protectors and are regularly called on as healers. Their primary function, however, is to protect the Buddha Dharma and its practitioners.


This copper, bronze and brass crown was crafted by a Nepali artisan from Lalitpur/Patan.    The workmanship is highly detailed and decorated with turquoise and coral cabochons.  The interior is fitted with a textile-covering cushioning. Each skull represents the five “wisdom” buddhas or Dhyani Buddhas… the cornerstones of Buddhist iconography.  Those cosmic elements are:   form/matter, sensation/feeling, perception, mental formations, and consciousness.


This crown was worn by the Buddhist Newari monk, Gurju.  He was a Vajracharya Buddhist master / guru / priest.  AKA for a tantric master in Vajrayana Buddhist traditions, including Tibetan Buddhism, Shingon and Bhutanese Newar Buddhism.


A rare find for a Serious Collector.


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