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Rare Chinese Art in Three-Dimensional Colour. 3D.  Four volumes.  180 ViewMaster Color Reels.  Printed Description.  Limited Edition. Projectors.

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This set was scheduled for a limited edition printing of 1000 copies by The Gruber Foundation, 1969. However, since William B. Gruber – who financed this project – died before it was completed, only 300 sets were published.  So, this is one of those 300 editions.


The four linen-covered hardback volumes, four durable slipcases and 180 original View-Master reels are in pristine condition.


Volume 1:  Circa 2500 BC – 206 BC.  Ceramics, bronzes, gold, jades, stone, bone/ivory/glass and lacquer from the Neolithic, Shang Dynasty, Western Chou, Eastern Chou and Warring States period.  The 11 page introduction provides a great orientation.


Volume 2:  Circa 206 BC – 906 AD.  Ceramics, bronzes, stone, gold/silver, jades, glass, lacquer and wood/shell/textiles from the Han Dynasty, Three Kingdoms, The Six Dynasties (South and North), and both the Sui and Tang Dynasties.


Volume 3:  Circa 907 AD – 1368 AD.  Ceramics, Metalwork, Jade, Lacquer, Textiles from the Five Dynasties, Northern/Southern Sung, and Yuan Dynasty.  This was an interesting time as the Chin Dynasty fell to the Mongol invasion in 1234.


Volume 4:  Circa 1368 AD – 1916 AD.  Ceramics, Famille verte, Famille rose, jade/hardstone, lacquer, ivory, wood, horn, metalwork, glass and textiles from the Ming and Ch’ing Dynasties.


Each volume contains an excellent introduction and a thorough bibliography.


In 1939, the View-Master stereoscopic format was introduced at the New York Worlds Fair.  William Gruber joined the Gruber/Sawyer organization in 1942 and – along with Rupert Leach – photographed all the 1200+ items in this set of 180  reels.


Sir Harry Garner – a British aerodynamicist and expert on (and collector of) oriental ceramics – and Margaret Medley authored this set.


I will include a used projector, a Sawyer stereo viewfinder and a LIGHTED Stereo Viewer (with instructions, original box)


For the Serious Collector.  A MUST-HAVE for Chinese art collectors.


This item has SOLD.  Many Thanks H.T. !



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