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Large Very Fine Dehua Porcelain Kwan-yin  GuanYin Buddha.  Reclining or Sleeping Posture.  Statue. Sculpture.  China.

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A bit about Dehua and the Dehua kilns:  The district of Dehua is situated on the eastern slopes of the Daiyun Mountains of southern Fujian, some 50 miles inland.  About the twelfth century, Dehua became the hinterland of the wealthy port of Quanzhou on the Fujian coast.  As Quanzhou grew, so did Dehua.


Marco Polo viewed Quanzhou as the richest city on earth and the gateway to China. Exports in the form of luxury goods (silk, lacquer and celadon stoneware) were sent abroad, and in return, making Quanzhou the starting point of the so-called maritime silk road.


Location, location, location.  The Dehua kilns were not concentrated in a township of Dehua but were spread throughout the surrounding countryside.  All of the kilns were family enterprises.  The raw materials of clay, minerals and firewood were all right there.  The quality of the clay allows for the pure whiteness of the ceramic products.  However, the clay still has to undergo a long process of purification.  And, it lacks plasticity… unfit for a potter’s wheel.  Improper firing causes saging and/or cracking.  ALL THESE ISSUES make blanc-de-Chine wares expensive to produce . . .  as perfection is not guaranteed.


The Lin and Su family lineages (going back hundreds of years) still exist today.  When I look for Dehua, I have always preferred porcelain from one of these families.


This piece is quite large:  20” in length and 12” tall.  It is what I would call:  a centerpiece.


This porcelain was likely created in the last 25 years.  It is from another source that I have used in the past.  There is less polished glazing.  It yields a more intense white and brightness.  The detail – as always with Dehua porcelain – is beyond stunning.  Very fine condition.


For the Serious Collector.


This masterpiece has SOLD!  Thanks M.S. !



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