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Kumanthong / Kuman Thong.  Phantom Ghost. Religious Artifact.   Authentic.  Thailand.

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Kuman Thong is an effigy or statue that is revered in Thailand by Animists (folks who believe that natural physical entities – including animals and plants – possess a spiritual essence, IF given the proper respect). If so, statues such as this bring good luck and fortune to its owner. Kuman means young boy. Thong means golden.  Hence, Golden Child.


This is a religious piece that is not related to Buddhism but is pure Saiyasart or – in some people’s eyes – occultism.


Luang Phor Tae Khong Thong (LP Tae), a legendary guru monk in Thailand is thought to have created the first of these statues and amulets that were developed from graveyard soils, deep forest sacred plants and – supposedly in some areas – from the ashes of babies who died of violent circumstances or from an unnatural death.  Kuman Thong is a soul of a baby or child who died before the right time. As a wandering heart, the monk would chant sacred mantras to summon the spirits and invite them to reside in golden child statues and amulets.  Owners and wearers were not only protected from evil spirits but they were blessed with extreme good luck, great fortune with the ability to achieve career, and business success, wealth, and fortune, help in a relationship, and get love and respect from people. Nowadays, Kuman Thong amulets are very, very popular.


This statue is from the Nakon Pathon province in central Thailand.  I was told by the collector that he acquired it in 1957 from a nearby temple.  He affirmed that the statue was formed with cemetery dirt and ashes.  There is a small hollowed out space in the bottom that contains the most sacred relics.  Neither he or a monk explained the braid.


Stand not included.  An oak/Plexiglas display case is available at an additional cost.  It measures 21” tall x 11” x 11”.


For the very Serious Collector of religious totems.  Once in a lifetime buying opportunity.


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