Rare Large Half Black Ammonite Fossil.  Madagascar.

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I had quite a wait for a black ammonite that fit my standards of almost PERFECT.


Just think that this ammonite was alive 200 million years ago!  Now, with that tidbit out of the way, let’s talk about ammonites (and many fossils) being chakras (energy focal points) for meditation.  Some people collect / view fossils to gain insight into the far past.  Others believe that ammonites can be used in combination with other healing and meditation stones to create a more equilibrating and harmonizing state of meditation.


Hence, this is why I am offering this ammonite on my site…. in addition to the perfection and history that these fossils present.  Just look at the deep wells of calcite and aragonite.


This ammonite was mined, cut and polished in the Mahajanga Region of Madagascar.  A stand will be included.

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