Original Art.  Replica.  Egyptian Female Mummy Head.  Custom.  Hand Made.  USA.

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The artist is quite remarkable.  Davis Faler is best known for his original sculptures of original and contemporary classic horror genre.  The profile and face reminds me of many sketches and photographs I have seen many times in my Egyptian reference books.  The Thebes Mummy comes to mind  (see  O-2158) where 100s of sketches, plates and drawings have been done of mummies from this ancient Egyptian city.


A sculpture like this brings to life the art of preservation of the corpse.  Egyptians believed that a human being consisted of a mortal body plus other influences:  “ka” a vital force, “akh” an invisible power,  “ba” the wandering soul … plus a few more.  If the deceased were to be granted eternal life, the body needed to be preserved in its entirety to prevent these influenced from being dispersed.  Embalming entailed a series of long and complex operations which consisted of emptying the corpse of anything likely to decompose and then drying, rinsing, and wrapping it. Once the job was complete and the deceased had become a mummy, he was thought to recover his youth and live forever.


Think about this when you examine the photos of this piece.  The artist molded the head from photos he had researched.  He was looking for a head that looked like it had been grave-robbed.  Have to admit that was a nice touch to his artististic intent.


With this mold, he used resin, foam and cloth to create this masterpiece.


Certainly a stunning addition to your man/woman tomb.


I added the lucite stand.

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