Old Royal Jewelry Chest from the Yoruba, Benin Style, Nigeria

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The famous Benin kingdom and its art flourished in the 15th and 16th century.  Even after the Benin kingdom disappeared, the Yoruba people – living on its territory – continued to produce artwork inspired by the great royal art of Benin.  The bronze casting process dates back to the late 1200s for the Benin.   I am sure that the face on top is not the inspired representation of Queen Mother Idia… a warrior queen who fought for her son (Oba Esigie) in battle in the 16th Century but I am sure this is an older piece of bronze using the Lost Wax Process.   I am also sure that this item is a Yoruba Jewelry Chest that once housed royal jewels.  At the price listed, I cannot include any of the royal jewels, sorry.

For the Serious Collector.

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