Kapala.  Offering Bowl.  Copper and Himalayan Crystal. 

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This is a master-quality tantric kapala.  Its bowl is pure Himalayan crystal.  Hand-carved and hand-placed metal (silver/nickel composite) surroundings and designs that are a wonder of human craftsmanship and intricacy.   The carvings and many diverse semi-precious stones make this a phenomenal piece of art.


This is very unique because it appears that the metal has been coated or painted in copper.  Gorgeous.


Tibetan monasteries and community centers use such bowls in rituals in both Hindu and Buddhist Tantra.  Kapalas like these are used in religious rituals, holding dough cakes and wine -  symbolically representing the flesh and blood offerings to wrathful dieties


This bowl came from the Katmandu Valley. The stand forms a tripod for the bowl (with lid) to sit in during the offering phase.


A crystal vajra / dorje is on top.


In addition to ritual offerings,  Kapala bowls are used by Tibetan Lamas in higher tantric meditation to achieve transcendental state of mind within the shortest possible time.


For the Serious Collector.  No stands are included.


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