Kanji Lantern / Reliquary.  Original Art / Pottery/ Porcelain by Mark Heimann.  Oregon

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According to Mark:  “My inspirations are many and always eveloving – worldwide indigenous arts, ancient and modern, east/west, observations and conversations with people, animals and samurai!”  Okay, Mark, we now undersand.


I purchased this from Mark in 1999 and it has been on my special prize list ever since.


His techniques are also numerous.  According to Mark:  “Wheel throwing, sculpting and slab construction require different types of clay.  I use three stonewares and a sand-fortified porcelain.  I formulate, mix and apply my own lead-free glazes and fire my work in a Japanese wood-fueled anagama… or better known as a “hill-climbing” kiln.”  Gold accents throughout!


Mark is an extremely talented individual and a true artist.  It is time for me to pass his extraordinary art on to others.


Not sure whether the split on the base was intentional or not.  It certainly does not detract from the overall ambiance of this piece.


For the Serious Collector only.  Signature stamp on base and inside top.


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