Hongshan Culture Jade Fenghuang / Phoenix Sculpture.  Neolithic Period.  Original Art.  China.

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Funerary and tomb art pieces depicting the mythological bird - fenghuang / phoenix - first appeared over 8000 years ago on jade and pottery pieces among the northeastern tribes of China.  During the Hongshan Culture (4700 - 2900 B.C.), handcarved jade pieces like this were produced to represent the reign these birds had over ALL birds and to provide good fortune and prosperity.


The mythological  bird was prevalent in the Hongshan Culture . . .  a culture that stretched from the inner Mongolia to the Liaoning Province.  The culture believed that these birds lived on top of the Kunlun Mountains in northern China.


This particular jade carving was secured from a reputable antique dealer in Shenyang (aka Manchu) in the Liaoning Province.  This dealer came from a  family of archeologists and art dealers.  His analysis is that this piece could be from the early to late 1800s.


I secured the piece in 2001 and it has been in my personal collection ever since.


Look at the detail and the colors of this jade.  Remarkable.


For the Serious Collector of Neolithic-style art . . . with considerable history.    Stand not included.


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