Knives, Swords, Letter Openers, Phurbas, Spears, Blowpipes

Antique Ritual Tantric Wooden Mahakala Dagger.  Phurba.  Central Tibet


    Phurba, also Phurwa, is a ritual object used to dispel and destroy obstacles.  It was originally used to mark out the perimeter of a sacred building  (temple or […]

Bronze Letter Opener.  Early 1900s.  China.


  From my private collection.  An engraved and well used bronze opener.   My agent says it dates to pre-1917.  Lots of wear and a broken tip.  Some might say, […]

Griffon / Gryphon Letter Opener. Paperweight. Iron.


    Cast from an authentic 18th Century European dagger.     Stands not included.

Medieval Miniature Swords.  SIX Swords.  Display Stand.  Stainless Steel


    Replicas of REAL swords.  Each made of stainless steel with silver-plated handles.  A unique display stand is included.   Handle designs are identical front and back.   Recently […]

Huge 32” Antique Wooden Tantrik Vajrakilaya Phurba.  Kila.  Nepal.


    This is fantastic!   The kīla – or phurba –  is used as a ritual implement to signify stability on sacred ground/earth during ceremonies.  Only those initiated in […]

Bronze Phurba / Phurpa with Copper & Turquoise Case / Tube.  Tibet.


    Small but nice detail.

Warrior Short Sword with Scabbard.  Bhutan / Tibet


    Scabbard is a mix of silver and nickel (for hardness and durability)  Wire wrapped grip.   Not sure how old this sword is but the design and style […]

Antique Wayang Wong.  Shield and Kris Knife.  Sword.  Theatrical Performance.  Java.


  Shadow puppet and human wayang theatrical performances have been staged since 930 AD.   The carving on the shield depicts the typical Wayang puppet head profile.   These performance […]

Antique Bronze Dagger.  Weapon. Knife.  Keris.  Jakarta.  Indonesia. Java


  Our Agent found this in a unique antique shop in Jakarta along with a multitude of old and rare Indonesian weapons and bronze statues.  The proprietor says it was […]

Metal Spear Head.  West Africa.


    From the 1930s.  Metal spearhead in excellent condition.  Stand not included.

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