Vessels, Urns, Vases, Incense Burners, Censers

Small Heavy Metal Foo Dog / Lion Censer.  Incense Burner. 2-Part. Japan.


    Foo Dog or Lion on pedestal.  Gold.  Charming.  Mid- 1900s. Stand not included.  

Antique Cloisonné Vase.  China


    Exquisite detail, bright colors  . . .  a testament to a piece of hand crafted art over 100 years in age.  Heavy copper base. Purchased from a collector […]

Rare 19th Century Porcelain Incense Burner / Vessel.  China.


  Encased in a special housing, I love and have loved this piece.  Markings and designs from the Ming Dynasty.  However, judging from the quality of the porcelain and the […]

Kanji Lantern / Reliquary.  Original Art / Pottery/ Porcelain by Mark Heimann.  Oregon


    According to Mark:  “My inspirations are many and always eveloving – worldwide indigenous arts, ancient and modern, east/west, observations and conversations with people, animals and samurai!”  Okay, Mark, […]

Stunning Qing Dynasty – Styled Enamel Flower Pattern on Porcelain Vase.  Jingdezhen Kiln. Jiangxi Province. China.


    Another stunning piece from the Jingdezhen kilns, producing stunning pieces of porcelain for over 1,700 years!   The designs and coloring are superb.  Seal on bottom.   A […]

Tou Shaped Bronze Food Vessel. Chou Dynasty-styled.  China.


  Three handled food container.  This is a rare styling from the late Western Chou (late 9th to early 8th Centuries, B.C.).  Deeply inscribed.  Very well done and in excellent […]

Blue and White Floral Porcelain Vase.  Hand Painted.  1950s.  China.


    In excellent condition, this hand painted floral vase is in excellent condition.  I acquired it from an estate sale in Toronto Canada in the 1990s.

Very Fine Meerschaum Pipe.  Turkish Sailor.  1940s.  Turkey.


    If you are a collector or user, then you will know that this pipe is lightly used.   This hand carved Meerschaum pipe is from Turkey.  Meerschaum is […]

Ritual Food Vessel. Cauldron.  Shang Dynasty – Styled.  Ding.  China


    Vessels like this – standing upon legs with a lid and two facing handles – are one of the most important shapes used in many Chinese ritual bronzes. […]

Bronze Footed Vessel.  Style:  Shang Dynasty.  China.


    A heavy bronze tripod cooking vessel with classic Shang Dynasty (during the Anyang Period, spanning from c. 1300-1046 B.C.) shape and engravings. Acquired from a collector in Toronto, […]

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