Statues, Sculptures, Figures, Heads & Busts

Old Hand Carved Reclining Buddha.  Wood.  Mirror Gems.  Thailand.


  Peaceful.  Beautifully detailed robe and adorned with multicolored mirrors.  From a collector of Thai statues in Miami Florida USA.   The reclining Buddha represents Shakyamuni.  It is said that […]

Dehua White Porcelain Kwan-yin Guanyin Buddha on Lotus Blossom.  China.


    You have heard my many descriptions of Kwan-yin or Guanyin…. Goddess of Mercy or “The One Who Perceives the Sounds of the World” or “The Most Widely Loved […]

Porcelain Tang Dynasty – Styled Sancai Horse Sculpture.  Ceramic Statue.  China


    I was thrilled to acquire this mid-sized horse from a Tongchuan kiln (central Shaanxi province) known for quality sancai ceramics.  Made from white clay, coated with a colored […]

Original Art.  Replica.  Egyptian Female Mummy Head.  Custom.  Hand Made.  USA.


  NO WHERE ELSE, but EsotericStuff!!!! The artist is quite remarkable.  Davis Faler is best known for his original sculptures of original and contemporary classic horror genre.  The profile and […]

Antique Reclining Sleeping Buddha.  Hand Carved. Wood.  Mirror & Gems. 24 K Gilt.  Nepal


    The reclining Buddha represents Shakyamuni.  It is said that the Buddha knew death was approaching and asked his disciples to prepare a couch for him in a grove […]

Large Very Fine Dehua Porcelain Kwan-yin  GuanYin Buddha.  Reclining or Sleeping Posture.  Statue. Sculpture.  China.


    Twenty inches (long) of detailed and stunning beauty!   A bit about Dehua and the Dehua kilns:  The district of Dehua is situated on the eastern slopes of […]

Brass Phoenix Statue.  Sculpture.  In Flight.  High Quality Casting. China.


  MAGNIFICIENT! Male and female Phoenix’s are called fenghuang and reign over other mythological birds in Asia.  Most likely thought of as “huang” (female) now, their feathers are of five […]

Silverback Gorilla Head Sculpture.  Dated and Signed.  England


    This sculpture is a much smaller version of the massive gorilla head I have on the site now (S-8288).  However, the detail is phenomenal and the realism is […]

Bronze Dragon Sculpture.  Lost Wax.  Fisher Original.  Spain.


    European and Asian mythology portrays dragons in different forms.  European dragons are most often winged and Asian dragons have an abundance of scales and resemble large snakes.  The […]

Wucai Porcelian Kylin Pi Xiu Dragons. Pair. China


  Adorable hand painted kylins in porcelain.   Wucai, which has its origins in the earlier Doucai ceramics, first appeared during the reign of the Ming Dynasty Emperor Jiajing who […]

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