Statues, Sculptures, Figures, Heads & Busts

Rare Museum Quality Seated Temple Figure / Statue.  China.


    Heavy layer of gold gilt.  Sealed prayer chamber on back.    From a special art exhibit in NYC in May 2000.   Although labelled as a Ming Dynasty (1368 […]

Murik Lakes Protective Figure / Statue.  Hand carved.  Wood.  New Guinea.


    Standing male protective figure from the Murik Lakes, North Coast, Lower Sepik River.  Represents an early culture hero from the time of creation.   Great detail.  This “Spirit […]

Song Dynasty Mythological Creature.  Phoenix / Foo Dog Amalgamation / Mixture.  Sculpture / Statue.  Original Art.  China


    The Song Dynasty (960 to 1279 A.D.) experienced a growth in administrative and social organizational growth.  It’s artwork also became much more sophisticated and creative.  Their work with […]

Temple 18th Century Warrior.  Wood.  China


    Original polychrome pigment.  Plenty of detail on the face, armor, hat.  Dramatic pose.   Prayer opening on back.   Acquired from a collector in Connecticut who has spent […]

Hand Hammered Khmer Silver Elephant. Statue. Betel Nut Box. Near 900 Purity Silver. 1960s. Cambodia


    Very ornate two-part elephant Betel Nut box.  A larger piece compared to the genre of handmade Khmer silver piece found in the shapes of various birds and animals. […]

Set of FOUR Miniature Qin Shi Huang Terracotta Warriors. Replicas. China.


    I am sure you are familiar with the burial complex, so I will spare the details.  These four:  General, Officer, Soldier and Archer would make a great gift. […]

Small Amber-Looking Reclining / Sleeping Buddha. Shakyamuni.  China.


    No, it is not amber but some amber-looking resin composite.  The color is bright and unique. Small enough to pay your respects anywhere.  

Egyptian Pyramid. Pyramidion. Thoth.  Rising Sun God.  Replica.  Osiris.  Details of an Original Fragment.  Egypt / Australia


  This piece is a solid relief made from a mix of  limestone and quartzite and then hand painted replicating tones (aged black patina) of the original piece…including the eroded […]

VERY RARE Museum Quality Qing Dynasty Bronze Kylin. Container.  Engraved.  Lid.  China.


    From an avid bronze collector who found this bronze mythological creature in a village near Beijing in the mid-1900s. I acquired it from the collector in 2003.   […]

VERY Rare and Antique Bronze Metal Phoenix / Dragons Bookends.  Wood Base. China.


  I have done a lot of research on these and THEY ARE EXCEEDINGLY RARE.  I acquired them from an estate auction in Los Angeles.  The family had collected very […]

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