Other and miscellaneous such as Jewelry, Musical Instruments, Games, Garments, Skulls

Ammonite Fossil.  Cleoniceras. Large.  269 Grams. 133mm.  Cut and Polished.  Tulear.  Madagascar.


  It could be 110 to 450 million years old.  Let’s not be picky when you see the detail, perfection and green colors blending into reddish brown.  Just look for […]

Hand Crafted Suar Wood Business Card Holder.  Indonesia.


    Suar wood is a non-endangered and fast growing tropical hardwood.  In some countries it is called monkey pod.   This hand carved “hand” holds about 25 business cards. […]

Carved  / Molded Resin Human Skull.  Replica 1:1 Size. Teaching Model.  China.


    A life sized human skull.   Suitable for decoration, making your own Kapala, painting or just putting it on the shelf next to your other skeletal remains.  

Clear Green Glass Wig or Display Head


This is the display you need for your prized headgear, crowns, caps, headdress or ski masks.  Check out O-8929.

Carved / Molded Resin Human Skull.  Replica 1:1 Size.  Tibetan Buddhism.  China.


    A life sized human skull with Tibetan Buddhism symbols.  Shown carvings are:  a representation of Matsyayugma (Golden Fishes); Chakra (Eight Spoked Golden Wheel) with the Tai Chi (Yin […]

Custom Hand Carved Black Rosewood  Brass Cane.  Walking Stick. 37” – 38″.  STURDY.  China.


  I had this carved by an artisan in Suzhou, west of Shanghai for use after a surgery.  I did not have the surgery, so it has never been used. […]

Golden Hand of Buddha.  Business Card Holder / Display. 


    A large hand in gold on metal base.  Felt on bottom.   Put your business in Buddha hands!

Large Pyramid Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp.  Ionic Air Purifier.  Lighted.  Wood Base.  Nepal


    We all know that these lamps act as an air purifier . . .  emitting a stream of negative ions that bond to dust and impurities.  Himalayan salt […]

Kapala.  Offering Bowl.  Copper and Himalayan Crystal. 


    This is a master-quality tantric kapala.  Its bowl is pure Himalayan crystal.  Hand-carved and hand-placed metal (silver/nickel composite) surroundings and designs that are a wonder of human craftsmanship […]

Very Rare Antique Tantric Himalayan Crystal Kapala.  Semi-Precious Stones.  Tibetan Silver.  Nepal / Tibet.


    Master quality tantric kapala.  Bowl is pure Himalayan crystal.  Handcarved metal (silver/nickel composite) surroundings are a wonder of human craftsmanship.  The carvings and many diverse semi-precious stones make this a […]

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