Masks and Headgear

Rare Museum Quality Bark Molded Mask. Africa


    This high forehead, smaller face is typical of of this tiny part of Africa.   Exceedingly rare, especially in this condition.   Acquired from another collector in 1962, […]

Very Rare 1940s Belgian Congo Death Mask.  Bakongo People.  Kongo Sub-Group: Yombe.   DRC.  Africa.


    The solidarity of the Bakongo people has a long history based on the splendor of the ancient Kongo kingdom and the cultural unity of the Kikongo language. Founded […]

Antique, Handcrafted and Carved Bangkok Mask.  Khon.  Glass / Gold Metal Display Case. Thailand.


    Khon masks comprise part of the costume of performers of the classical dance – drama of Thailand.  The Khon performance involves singing, dancing, acting and acrobatics, and – […]

Late Period Wooden Egyptian Mummy Mask.  Stand.  Authentic.  Switzerland Collection 1972.  Egypt.


    From the Late Period ( 664-332 B.C. ) this wood mask was acquired from an antiquity dealer in Southern California.  It has been authenticated by Dr. Serop Simonian […]

Massive Old Tchokwe / Chokwe Helmet Mask. Angola


    The Chokwe are an ethnic group of Central Africa whose ancestry can perhaps be traced to Mbundu and Mbuti Pygmies.  This “helmet” mask with braids and facial scarifications […]

Antique Tantric Copper Gold Plated Garuda Mask.  Copper.  Nepal.


    In Hinduism, Garuda is a Hindu divinity.  Many times you see Lord Vishnu riding on Garuda’s back.  Garuda is depicted as having the golden body of a strong […]

Very Rare  Wood Chokwe Bird Mask. Angola / DRC.  Africa. 


    A rare Chokwe Initiation Bird Mask with deep wood patina. Generally, animal masks have been used in initiation ceremonies to assist in the telling of tribal stories and […]

Ancient Egyptian Wood Mummy Mask.  Period 664 – 30 B.C.  Egypt.


    During this span of time, Egypt was invaded and occupied by several peoples.  The Persians, in 525 BC, occupied Egypt and made it one of its many provinces.  […]

Stunning Bakuba Mask.  Kuba. Carved Wood.  D.R. Congo.  Africa.


    The Kuba Kingdom was a conglomerate of several smaller Bushongo-speaking principalities as well as the Kete, Coofa, Mbeengi and the Twa Pygmies.  The original Kuba migrated during the 16th century […]

Tortured Pocket Ceramic Mask.  Raku.  Japan


    Handcrafted mask of a tortured face.  Raku process which involves hand-shaping of rather porous material.  It is low fired with lead glazes . . . and removed from […]

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