Bowls, Boxes, Bells, Gongs, Medicine Holders. Containers not considered vessels

Heavy Brass Tripod Bowl / Cup / Censer.  Handles.  China.


    Deeply engraved.  Styled.  Seal mark on bottom.     Stand not included.  

Antique Nesting Cups. Brass.  5 Pieces.   China


    Extraordinary 5-piece brass nesting cups .  Early 1900s.  Dragons around the edge of the base cup.  Stamped on the base.  Nice patina.   Dragon surrounds rim of base […]

Spinach Jade Rice Bowl.   Xinjiang Region.  China


    Crafted in the mid-1900s.  Acquired in 2000 from an avid collector of jade who was located in New York City.  

Brass / Bronze Bell.  Deep Engravings of Spiritual Entities.  Tibet.


    Purchased this bell a number of years ago from a traveler who secured it in  Tibet in the 1950s.  He claimed that it was made in the 1930s. […]

Rare Ornate Brass Elephant Bell.  India


    Perhaps this is a bell for some other purpose but it has the profile of a very ornate elephant bell….. although a bit smaller than seen before.   […]

Rosewood Hand Carved Brush Pot. Openwork. Pen/Pencil/Calligraphy Caddy.  China


    A relatively recent work with excellent handicraft.  Hexagon shaped.  Wonderfully detailed carvings.  Gorgeous color.  For your calligraphy tools, pens, pencils, et al.   What a wonderful gift for […]

Miniature Cloisonné Enamel Teapots.  Lid.  China.


    Adorable cloisonné and enamel work on a metal teapot base.  Flowers – in various colors – decorate these cute collectibles.   Background colors:  red, yellow, light blue, dark […]

Metal Brass Container.  Stamped Symbol. 


    This bowl is obviously old but I do not have any additional information on it.   Perhaps you have been looking for this for many years?   Need […]

Medium Large Wooden Chest / Box.  Hand-Hammered Copper Insets. 


  I have kept some of my more precious pieces in this chest.  But, now I need to consolidate….. to larger trunks!   Used but lovely chest.  VERY sturdy.  Wood […]

Copper and Brass 8-sided Container.  Auspicious Signs. Nepal / Tibet.


    A precious handmade small box with symbols, stones and the 8 Auspicious signs.  Inside is lined in cloth.  It sits on 4 claw feet.

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