Heavy Brass Tripod Bowl / Cup / Censer.  Handles.  China.


    Deeply engraved.  Styled.  Seal mark on bottom.     Stand not included.  

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Small Heavy Metal Foo Dog / Lion Censer.  Incense Burner. 2-Part. Japan.


    Foo Dog or Lion on pedestal.  Gold.  Charming.  Mid- 1900s. Stand not included.  

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Hand Crafted Suar Wood Business Card Holder.  Indonesia.


    Suar wood is a non-endangered and fast growing tropical hardwood.  In some countries it is called monkey pod.   This hand carved “hand” holds about 25 business cards. […]

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Antique Cloisonné Vase.  China


    Exquisite detail, bright colors  . . .  a testament to a piece of hand crafted art over 100 years in age.  Heavy copper base. Purchased from a collector […]

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Carved  / Molded Resin Human Skull.  Replica 1:1 Size. Teaching Model.  China.


    A life sized human skull.   Suitable for decoration, making your own Kapala, painting or just putting it on the shelf next to your other skeletal remains.  

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Clear Green Glass Wig or Display Head


This is the display you need for your prized headgear, crowns, caps, headdress or ski masks.  Check out O-8929.

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Antique Nesting Cups. Brass.  5 Pieces.   China


    Extraordinary 5-piece brass nesting cups .  Early 1900s.  Dragons around the edge of the base cup.  Stamped on the base.  Nice patina.   Dragon surrounds rim of base […]

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Spinach Jade Rice Bowl.   Xinjiang Region.  China


    Crafted in the mid-1900s.  Acquired in 2000 from an avid collector of jade who was located in New York City.  

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Brass / Bronze Bell.  Deep Engravings of Spiritual Entities.  Tibet.


    Purchased this bell a number of years ago from a traveler who secured it in  Tibet in the 1950s.  He claimed that it was made in the 1930s. […]

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Song Dynasty Mythological Creature.  Phoenix / Foo Dog Amalgamation / Mixture.  Sculpture / Statue.  Original Art.  China


    The Song Dynasty (960 to 1279 A.D.) experienced a growth in administrative and social organizational growth.  It’s artwork also became much more sophisticated and creative.  Their work with […]

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