Old Hand Carved Reclining Buddha.  Wood.  Mirror Gems.  Thailand.


  Peaceful.  Beautifully detailed robe and adorned with multicolored mirrors.  From a collector of Thai statues in Miami Florida USA.   The reclining Buddha represents Shakyamuni.  It is said that […]

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Very Large Ammonite Fossil.  Cleoniceras. Large. 153mm.  Cut and Polished.  Two Halves. Whole.  Tulear.  Madagascar.


Way more than a simple decor piece!   Ammonites are anywhere from 75 to 450 million years old.  Their closest living relatives are:  octopus, squid, cutterfish and the chambered Nautilus.  […]

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Ancient Clay Pottery Pitcher.  Jug.  Wine.  Water.  Funerary / Burial. Greek / Roman.  Israel.


  This was acquired from an estate of an Israeli archaeologist . . . about him, I know little or nothing.   This vessel seems very primitive to be a […]

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Dehua White Porcelain Kwan-yin Guanyin Buddha on Lotus Blossom.  China.


    You have heard my many descriptions of Kwan-yin or Guanyin…. Goddess of Mercy or “The One Who Perceives the Sounds of the World” or “The Most Widely Loved […]

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Brass / Bronze Dragon Cane Head.  China.


  Just pull or saw off your old boring cane head and stick this elegant and cultural head on the end of the cane stick.   The mythological creature called […]

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BOOK:  Islands and Ancestors:  Indigenous Styles of Southeast Asia.  1988.


  I was able to acquire another LIKE NEW copy of this valuable resource book.  A full 364 pages with numerous illustrations and photographs.   The Metropolitan Museum of Art […]

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Hand Carved Famille Rose Porcelain Vase.  Cutout Design.  Incised. Qianlong Marked.  China


    A gorgeous see-through cutout porcelain vase with intricate carved designs and hand painted in enamel with floral decorations.    I love these overglazed rose colors of pink and carmine. […]

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Porcelain Tang Dynasty – Styled Sancai Horse Sculpture.  Ceramic Statue.  China


    I was thrilled to acquire this mid-sized horse from a Tongchuan kiln (central Shaanxi province) known for quality sancai ceramics.  Made from white clay, coated with a colored […]

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Original Art.  Replica.  Egyptian Female Mummy Head.  Custom.  Hand Made.  USA.


  NO WHERE ELSE, but EsotericStuff!!!! The artist is quite remarkable.  Davis Faler is best known for his original sculptures of original and contemporary classic horror genre.  The profile and […]

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Antique Reclining Sleeping Buddha.  Hand Carved. Wood.  Mirror & Gems. 24 K Gilt.  Nepal


    The reclining Buddha represents Shakyamuni.  It is said that the Buddha knew death was approaching and asked his disciples to prepare a couch for him in a grove […]

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