Bronze Gilt Palace Guard Foo Dogs.  Guardian Lions. Statues. Pair.  China.

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These are large (11” tall) and detailed Chinese foo dogs or guardian lions.  They are generally present in pairs.  The male dog / lion has its right paw on a globe, representing  “feeling the pulse of the earth”.  He is guarding the structure or building he is nearest.  The female plays with her pup under her left paw.  She protects the inhabitants of the structure.


Together, they will drive away evil spirits and bring health and wealth to their owners.  Their use and power was apparent back in the Han Dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD) when they guarded official buildings, palaces and Buddhist temples.


These statues were done with an older casting method that provided a great deal of detail and warmth of color.


From a foundry in Northwest Beijing in the Hebei Province.    Felt bottoms.


For the Serious Collector.

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