Bronze and Copper Hanging Monastery Incense Burner.  Censer.  Hand Crafted.  Master Temple Quality.  Rare.  Tibet.  East Nepal.

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I located another of these rare burners / censers!


I like this hefty hanging incense burners because of the composition and stunning detail.  Plus, this one was acquired from the same monastery as the other one by my trusted regional agent.  Fine workmanship around the lid, upper crown, caldron, dragon handles and base.


Tibetan incense burners have a more specialized use . . . .  incense was used for primarily medicinal purposes. The burning of Tibetan incense is still considered the foundation of their medicinal practices. Tibetan incense burners are usually in the form of censers, which are meant to hang and dispense their smoke, and are sometimes carved ornately.  This censer can be placed on a flat surface also.


As before, this censer is from the Chiwong Gonpa monastery, Solu Khumba, a district in East Nepal.


I do not clean a piece like this so it will be delivered with a number of years of burnt incense.  Even with some minor imperfections, this is a Museum Quality piece.


For the Serious Collector of Tibetan Artifacts.  Found nowhere else . . .  but EsotericStuff.  Stand is not included.

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