Brass Phoenix Statue.  Sculpture.  In Flight.  High Quality Casting. China.

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Male and female Phoenix's are called fenghuang and reign over other mythological birds in Asia.  Most likely thought of as "huang" (female) now, their feathers are of five colors:  black, white, green and yellow... corresponding with Confucius' five virtues:  Ren - benevolence / charity / humanity; Yi - honesty and uprightness; Zhi - knowledge; Xin - faithfulness / integrity; and Li - good manners / being polite / worship.


So, now you know.  The phoenix is a pretty powerful creature.  Maybe the reason why I have many of them around my home and office.... and at


I like this statue because of three reasons:  it is in flight, it is highly detailed and extremely well crafted.


I have been offered many cheap (dollars and quality) versions of phoenix sculptures but have turned them down as they look like they came from the back of a truck, freshly unloaded from a low quality factory.  You might think you are getting a quality piece that looks like this, but you will not!


THIS ONE is not at all like that.  It comes from a highly rated foundry just outside of Beijing that has been known to produce sculptures ending up in private collections as well museums (as examples of artistic and highly detailed artwork.


I love this Huang's progressive posture and movement.  Surely it will bring you knowledge at the least!

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