18th Century Qing Dynasty Hand Carved Wood Taoism Guardian. Heng Ha Er Jiang. China.

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Niō or Kongōrikishi are two wrath-filled and muscular guardians of Buddha in temples.  Kongōrikishi are usually a pair of figures that stand under a separate temple entrance.  Such guardians are common in Japan and China.  In China, the guardian is called Heng Ha Er Jiang.


Carved in the 18th Century of light wood, this statue comes from a long line of owners . . . the last being an elderly collector in Taiwan.  I purchased it from his estate in 2002.  I have kept it in a hard case ever since.


It is in excellent condition.  And, what I have heard about the collector, he kept it in a special “art and antiquity” secure facility for almost 75 years.  Before that, it was obviously protected also.


A very rare find that has just come from my personal collection . . .  along with the custom wood box.


For the Serious Collector of protector guardians.  Stand not included.


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