About Esoteric Stuff

I have spent over a decade researching and searching for the most unique and wondrous pieces of art from East Asia, the Oceania Islands and parts of Africa.

I acquire these art pieces through knowledgeable and qualified agents who scour estate sales, antique markets, private collections and artisan villages in their particular part of the world.  All items are hand-selected based on aesthetic value, uniqueness, composition, age and other provenance factors.  EsotericStuff items are not mass produced merchandise and it is not likely that you will find another piece like the one you see here.

There are many words that are used to describe the 1000+ items in the EsotericStuff inventory:

Unique   ♦   One-of-a-Kind
Exotic ♦ Primitive ♦ Gorgeous ♦ Fascinating ♦ Intricate ♦ Elegant
Rich in History ♦ Chilling to Touch ♦ Archaic
Museum Quality ♦  Investment Grade ♦ Rare

Who are EsotericStuff’s clients?  Even though we have had frequent visits from professionals (language specialists, archeologists, commercial designers, interior designers, serious collectors and gallery buyers), the majority of visitors are those who love, collect and gift this type of cultural art.   My favorite quote is:

Your One-of-a-Kind pieces give me chills of delight.
The age and aesthetic appeal are compelling.  I want to
buy more and more!

My prices?  Very reasonable and highly competitive.  The reasons:   shipping costs and low overhead.

Thank you for reading “about us”.