Oceanic Art. Anthony Meyer. Boxed Set Reference Books. Collectors Edition. New.


  An astonishing wealth of little-known art of Melanesia, Polynesia and Micronesia is showcased in this revelatory survey, stunningly illustrated with some 800 lavish color plates. Meyer, an American-born art […]

Song Dynasty Mythological Creature.  Phoenix / Foo Dog Amalgamation / Mixture.  Sculpture / Statue.  Original Art.  China


    The Song Dynasty (960 to 1279 A.D.) experienced a growth in administrative and social organizational growth.  It’s artwork also became much more sophisticated and creative.  Their work with […]

Rare 19th Century Porcelain Incense Burner / Vessel.  China.


  Encased in a special housing, I love and have loved this piece.  Markings and designs from the Ming Dynasty.  However, judging from the quality of the porcelain and the […]

Temple 18th Century Warrior.  Wood.  China


    Original polychrome pigment.  Plenty of detail on the face, armor, hat.  Dramatic pose.   Prayer opening on back.   Acquired from a collector in Connecticut who has spent […]

Kanji Lantern / Reliquary.  Original Art / Pottery/ Porcelain by Mark Heimann.  Oregon


    According to Mark:  “My inspirations are many and always eveloving – worldwide indigenous arts, ancient and modern, east/west, observations and conversations with people, animals and samurai!”  Okay, Mark, […]

Rare Ornate Brass Elephant Bell.  India


    Perhaps this is a bell for some other purpose but it has the profile of a very ornate elephant bell….. although a bit smaller than seen before.   […]

Rare Museum Quality Bark Molded Mask. Africa


    This high forehead, smaller face is typical of of this tiny part of Africa.   Exceedingly rare, especially in this condition.   Acquired from another collector in 1962, […]

Hand Hammered Khmer Silver Elephant. Statue. Betel Nut Box. Near 900 Purity Silver. 1960s. Cambodia


    Very ornate two-part elephant Betel Nut box.  A larger piece compared to the genre of handmade Khmer silver piece found in the shapes of various birds and animals. […]

Very Rare 1940s Belgian Congo Death Mask.  Bakongo People.  Kongo Sub-Group: Yombe.   DRC.  Africa.


    The solidarity of the Bakongo people has a long history based on the splendor of the ancient Kongo kingdom and the cultural unity of the Kikongo language. Founded […]

Hongshan Culture Jade Fenghuang / Phoenix Sculpture.  Neolithic Period.  Original Art.  China.


    Funerary and tomb art pieces depicting the mythological bird – fenghuang / phoenix – first appeared over 8000 years ago on jade and pottery pieces among the northeastern […]

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