Oceanic Art. Anthony Meyer. Boxed Set Reference Books. Collectors Edition. New.


  An astonishing wealth of little-known art of Melanesia, Polynesia and Micronesia is showcased in this revelatory survey, stunningly illustrated with some 800 lavish color plates. Meyer, an American-born art […]

Dehua White Porcelain Kwan-yin Guanyin Buddha on Lotus Blossom.  China.


    You have heard my many descriptions of Kwan-yin or Guanyin…. Goddess of Mercy or “The One Who Perceives the Sounds of the World” or “The Most Widely Loved […]

Large Very Fine Dehua Porcelain Kwan-yin  GuanYin Buddha.  Reclining or Sleeping Posture.  Statue. Sculpture.  China.


    Twenty inches (long) of detailed and stunning beauty!   A bit about Dehua and the Dehua kilns:  The district of Dehua is situated on the eastern slopes of […]

Bronze and Copper Hanging Monastery Incense Burner.  Censer.  Hand Crafted.  Master Temple Quality.  Rare.  Tibet.  East Nepal.


  I located another of these rare burners / censers!   I like this hefty hanging incense burners because of the composition and stunning detail.  Plus, this one was acquired […]

Rare 18th Century Wooden Seated Shan Buddha.  Mara Vijaya.  Gold Gilt. Burma.


    A very special and rare find!   The Tai-Shan people are believed to have migrated from Yunnan China.  The Shan – who call themselves Tai – form one section […]

Rare and Very Fine Ornate Ashanti Cast Bronze Kuduo Pot. Lid.  Funerary.  Ghana.  Africa.


    The Asanti  or Ashanti live in central Ghana in the rainforests of West Africa approximately 150 miles away from the coast. The Ashanti are a major ethnic group […]

Antique Rare Sawankhalok Pottery Elephant. Chang Thai. Si Satchanalai Kilns.  Sukhothai Period.  Statue.  Thailand.   


    One of the most famous examples of Thai pottery are from the Sukhothai period (14-16th Centuries) from the kilns of Si Satchanalai, which is around the historic village of […]

Handcrafted Brilliant Blue Qianlong Porcelain Vases. Gold Gilt. Pair.  6-Sided. China


    These are porcelain with an overlay of enamel.  Intricate patterns are many on all six sides. . . .  floral, birds and various designs.  A stunning pair. Again, […]

Silver with Spinach Jade cup. Heitian Mountain Jade. Nephrite.  Xinjiang Region.  China.


    Handcrafted in the SW Xinjiang Region.  The emergence of spinach green nephrite jade can be attributed to the Qing Qianlong period.  The emperor’s interest in this jade color […]

Rare Museum Quality Seated Temple Figure / Statue.  China.


    Heavy layer of gold gilt.  Sealed prayer chamber on back.    From a special art exhibit in NYC in May 2000.   Although labelled as a Ming Dynasty (1368 […]

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